Monday, October 01, 2007

Ice Hockey is funny

The NHL came to London this week in the first of many attempts by the Americans to spark some interest from Europe in sports that, generally speaking, only Americans play.

We've got Basketball and American Football yet to come, but the National Hockey League took centre stage this weekend as the Anaheim Ducks played the LA Kings in two NHL regular season fixtures.

The aim of the game is to build a team of big, angry, violent, toothless Canadians, give them a stick and some ice skates and get them to score more goals than the opposition whilst also trying to start as many fights as possible in the three periods of play - simple really.

As it turned out, LA won the first game 4-1 whilst the Ducks won the second game 4-1.

Personally, the main reason I subscribed to NASN (aside from the fact that it comes bundled with Setanta) was for the almost wall-to-wall NHL coverage and there is a hell of a lot of skill involved besides just trying to knock as many teeth out of an opponents gum as possible, even if that is the biggest crowd puller. A bit like this one between the Philadelphia Flyers and Owatta Senators:

But in the world of sporting hard-men, there's always one who's on standby ready to make a pillock of himself and in this blog, we pay homage to Calgary Flames hard-nut Dion Phaneuf.


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Gary said...

Great Videos, fighting on ice...

Wait a minute, I smell an opportunity for another 7pm saturday night celebrity-doing-things sort of programme.

Are you in with me on this one ?